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Which Part Of The Body Contains The Highest Number Of Nerves?

The human body can be called a marvel of biology. However, this doesn’t mean it is not without its intricacies. In fact, it has a whole system of nerves that send and receive signals as well as sensations. The nerve system could be viewed as a communication channel for the body to rely on messages from and to the body taking into consideration external factors.

Which Part Of The Body Has The Most Nerves?

While nerves are spread all over the body, its primary hub is found on the fingertips. It is the most sensitive part of our bodies and is packed with millions of nerve endings at any given point. Therefore it often outdoes many big organs when it comes to sensitivity. To put this into perspective, every fingertip has over 2,500 nerve receptors per square centimeter. This makes it densely populated with nerve endings, more than one can fathom. However, they exist for a reason; touch is the most used sensory ability.

Which Part Of The Body Has The Most Nerves

There are sensory nerves that help you relay information about touch, pressure, temperature, and pain. That is exactly why you withdraw your finger, the moment you touch something hot. Fine motor control skills like playing a guitar or knitting come with nerve endings. They are so sharpened to control every moment you want them to make.

Additionally, they are in constant communication with our brains. They send messages within split seconds and act accordingly. A delay in response could even mean death to us or others. If the scientists or anthropologists are to be believed, it is no coincidence that the fingertips are blessed with nerve endings. It is a result of evolution and is what helps us become the superior race that we are. Our adaptation and survival have always depended on the way we waded through our environment and made inventions necessary for our growth. Today, we still use our fingertips to navigate the complex system of the world which might have a mystery or two left to be uncovered.

How to care for your fingertips?

To ensure that you retain the sensitivity in your fingertips, you should keep it as clean as possible. This includes various steps like-

  1. Regular Hand Hygiene- This means washing your hands regularly to remove the dirt or bacteria accumulated on your fingertips and nails.
  2. Keep your nails clean- Nails protect your hand from unwanted injury therefore you should clean your nails as well. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or biting them excessively. Always wear gloves or hand gear.
  3. Sun protection- Apart from moisturizing it regularly and keeping it away from extreme temperatures, you must also be careful when you expose yourself to radiation. This could decrease the potency of the nerves. Try using sunscreen to shield it.
  4. Make healthy lifestyle choices- This not only includes eating a balanced diet but also hydrating yourself properly. Look for vegetables and fruits that could smoothen your skin and nails.
  5. Manage your stress- Find a healthy way to manage your stress and sharpen your nerves. Stress can reduce sensitivity so you must also give it time to relax.
  6. Regular self-checkup- It might sound a little weird but your fingertips and nails could be indicators of an incoming ailment. Check it for discoloration and if you do find some, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

The world really seems to be at your fingertips. However, you should take good care of them along with nails for your overall well-being and as a part of their social etiquette as well. By doing this you can continue to unravel the magic of sensitivity and functionality it could give you.

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