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Understanding Abdominal Muscle Strains: Causes and Prevention Tips

Abdominal muscle strains often get much less attention and are sometimes neglected since they are not externally visible. But it is only when the pain becomes unbearable, that people tend to care about it and address it properly by having consultation with an expert medical practitioner.

Visible or not visible, abdominal muscle strains should be considered and treated under the category of injuries. Even though they can be treated with complete rest and the chances of recovery are also quite high, there are a lot of things you need to know about it, not to invite unwanted complications in the process of healing.

Abdominal muscle strains may happen to every human being but it is highly likely for the footballers and tennis players to have this injury, especially during the time of their practice. This article is all about the major causes and the related details you should know about abdominal muscle strains.

What Is Abdominal Muscle Strain?

Abdominal muscle strain is a condition when you experience a stretched sensation over your stomach muscles. This usually happens when you stretch your muscles in the region beyond the limit. Sometimes, tears might have also caused the muscles there, causing strain and pain. Pulled stomach muscle is the other name of the same medical condition.

Know More About Abdominal Muscle Strain

Even though the muscles in the region are much less talked about, they are crucial when it comes to your body movements. Apart from that, it also helps in keeping the organs in their position and supporting the trunk part of the human body. They can be seen placed between the pelvis and the ribs.

An abdominal muscle strain may affect the left, right, upper, and lower abdominal muscles. Sometimes people misunderstand abdominal muscle strain for hernia. But both of them are distinct and you should have a comprehensive knowledge about the two if you need to distinguish and identify.

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Major Causes Of Abdominal Muscle Strain

  1. Lack of Proper Warm-Up Exercises

If you are someone who is working out regularly, without doing the right warming-up workouts, know that you are treating your body the worst way. This can also affect the muscles in your abdomen and can cause tear or strain in the region.

  1. Excessive Abdominal Workouts

Working out for the abdominal muscles is a must. But overworking the muscles there would cause more harm than good. It is always better to keep a balance and give enough rest for the muscles in order to recover and thereby have the maximum benefits.

  1. Incorrect Workout Techniques

If you have abdominal muscle strain and you find yourself working out without expert supervision in a gym, make sure you hire a professional to analyze your patterns and methods of working out. Sometimes, you may be doing the workouts in the wrong way, causing injuries like abdominal muscle strains to happen.

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  1. Sudden Body Twists and Turns

If you twist and turn your body abruptly without giving enough time for your body and brain to process the intention and be ready for the movement, it may end up being an injury. Movements having their origin from the core of the body are more prone to cause abdominal muscle strain or a pulled stomach muscle.

  1. Violent Sneezes and Coughs

Sneezing and coughing utilising energy beyond the limit may also give you abdominal muscle strains. These are all the major causes of abdominal muscle strain. If you feel a stretched sensation in the region, try to consult a doctor without causing a delay, and make sure you take proper rest to give the muscles time to recover sooner. 

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