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Understanding The Difference Between Fibroids And Cysts In Women’s Health

Growths or abnormalities in the body are extremely concerning. While growths could mean the multiplication of cells, a change in their size may affect the tissues. This could be warts, tumors, or polyps. Abnormalities could mean a general growth and any deviation from its natural form. Both are however causes of concern as they might be fatal to your health while some could turn out to be completely benign.

Fibroid and cysts can also be identified as growths or abnormalities that the bodies are prone to develop. But there are different ways. But what could be the causes for this deformity?

What Causes Fibroids And Cysts In Women

Scientists believe that there could be multiple reasons why some might develop these in their lifetime.

Causes Of Fibroids And Cysts In Women
  • Primarily the genetic factor is put forward because a lot of our health history is often inherited.
  • Secondarily, obesity could develop flaps in our skin which make it susceptible to some of these growths that could or could not be harmless.
  • The obesity factor also makes it quite difficult for anyone to notice them if they don’t get regular body checkups.
  • Moreover, your lifestyle choices are also known to impact the way your body develops significantly. For instance, if you drink a lot of alcohol or smoke a lot there is a greater chance you might develop cancerous cells and if you are a smoking mother, it could mean permanent disability to your kids as well.
  • Environmental factors could include your diet and your degree of exposure to certain toxins.

A person’s age and environmental factors are crucial determinants when it comes to the occurrence of unwanted growth in different parts of the body.

Skin cancers are usually found in people who are exposed to radiation more frequently than others. However, fibroids and cysts could be rarely cancerous.

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What Makes Fibroids Different From Cysts?


Fibroids also known as “Leiomyomas” are growths that are developed in the uterine walls. So it is particularly found in people who have a female anatomy. They are usually made of smooth-surfaced tissues and are connected to the wall. Usually present in round or oval shapes, the size could largely vary from small to barely noticeable.

Now scientists have been trying to study the exact cause of these abnormalities and have not yet reached a conclusion. The most popular belief is the imbalance in hormones that increases as you age. So when your body doesn’t regulate the flow of estrogen and progesterone, it could cause the development of fibroids.”

Symptoms Of Fibroids

However, the presence of fibroids could present some symptoms in women. This majorly includes:

  • Having a painful spell of periods that are heavy.
  • Pain in the pelvic region is uncalled for and patients might also feel pressure in their rectum as well as bladder leading to bleeding.
  • As it is something that progresses through age, the presence of fibroids could lead to fertility problems.
  • In extremely rare cases, it could further into cancer after attaching it to the wall but detailed CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds could reveal more about it.


Cysts on the other hand could be classified as a bag-like structure that could be formed in any part of the body. Unlike their counterparts, cysts are not gender specific.

While ovarian cysts could be only found in women and testicular cysts in men, renal cysts could affect both men and women. They are filled with air of liquid which makes them variant in shapes and sizes depending on their location as well.

Symptoms Of Cysts

Cysts could be of different types including some affecting the skin known as subcutaneous. It doesn’t present any symptoms and usually needs regular body checkups to be diagnosed.

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