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Running Mistakes – Don’t Make These Errors Before Your Run

Running is one of the most common cardio exercises people indulge in. It is also important for your physical as well as mental well-being. Most people believe that running is a simple task and needs no preparation. However, when compared to other activities the preparation is minimal, there are some steps you should be taking care of before attempting to run.

Health Benefits Of Running You Need To Know

Before knowing what not to do before a run, you should know what are the benefits of going on a run.

Benefits Of Running

✅ Cardiovascular health – It is an excellent cardio workout that helps you regulate blood pressure, strengthens the cardiac walls, and reduces the risk of blood pressure. 

✅ Weight management – Weight is the root cause of many problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. Running is an effective way to control weight and increase the metabolic rate.

✅ Muscle and Bone strength –  People who run regularly are known to have increased muscle and bone health as it strengthens their joints.

✅ Improved endurance – Running increases your stamina and can help you be more energetic in your daily activities.

✅ Mental health – Many people don’t consider this but running can also help your mental health by elevating moods and reducing signs of depression.

✅ Enhanced cognitive function – People who take up running as a part of their routine, are known to have better concentration levels and memory as well.

✅ Self-discipline – Sticking to a routine like running can increase your commitment levels and help you bring a direction to your chaotic lifestyle.

✅ Improved Lung Function – Apart from cardiac health, it can also impact the way your lung works. Better breathing and lung capacity are also added advantage.

Things You Should Never Do Before A Run

Looking at the benefits of going on a sprint, you should know the correct way to take one:

1. Eating a large meal – Never take a large meal before going on a run. It can not only lead to indigestion but also cause immense cramping and discomfort. People are also known to vomit when they run on a full stomach.

2. Eating high-fat or high-fiber foods – Protein and easily digestible fats should be your food, High fats and fiber can be difficult to digest and can cause stomach pains.

3. Drinking alcohol – Never drink alcohol before going on a run. It can dehydrate your body and impair your coordination long enough to render you unconscious or in some cases cause major problems.

Things You Should Never Do Before A Run

4. Not hydrating – Do not ever go out without taking a bottle of water and always hydrate before you start running. This is to manage heat strokes and dehydration. 

5. Wearing new or uncomfortable shoes – It would be a bit difficult to break into new shoes and running on uncomfortable shoes is not exciting. It could lead to sores on your feet and additionally impact the way they run.

6. Overloading on caffeine – There are studies to support the theory that drinking caffeine before aerobics could be beneficial but most of the time it can make you anxious and even cause headaches.

7. Skipping warm-up exercises – Warm is important before you start doing any activity. Otherwise, it could lead to unforeseen injury which can impact your health.

8. Staying up too late – Running should not be an impulsive decision and you need to prepare your body for it. One of the things you need to take care of is insomnia. Don’t discount your sleep and get the whole 8 hours.

9. Rushing – Do not start running with all your might. If it is your first time pace yourself with slower motions and gradually increase the speed.

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