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Know Some Fascinating Facts About Nails

Everyone is quick to dismiss nails as a purely aesthetic feature. But they could be revealing more than anyone would imagine. Though they are small, sometimes they can predict a lot about the condition of the body and have many similar interesting facts about themselves.

Must Know Facts About Nails

1. Nail Growth Rate

Did you know that nails could grow at the rate of 3 millimeters per month in an average human being? Toenails grow at a much slower pace and the rate of growth could actually be different in different people. So what could be deciding their pace?

Your age, gender, and genetics are all determinants. Therefore if you notice a sudden change in their growth pattern, you should pay attention and maybe contact your doctor to get a thorough check up.

Nail Growth Anatomy

2. White Spots

All of you might have surely noticed the white spots that appear on the nails are considered to be lucky in some cultures. Lucky or not, scientifically they are caused by accidental bumping of your fingers. If the spots are more often than not, chances are your diet is deficient in Zinc and Calcium. So you must include those in your diet.

3. Nail Colour

If your nails are pink and rosy in color, you should be happy. In case those turn pale, you might be suffering from anemia. Patients who are diagnosed with jaundice are known to have yellow fingernails. In more serious cases, skin cancer patients are often seen with nails that are dark-stripped. Blue nails could indicate a poisoning or an underlying illness. So do follow their color closely.

4. Nail Texture

Are you one of those who is never able to grow nails after a certain point? Or maybe the nails break too often? All this could point towards something serious. While brittle nails mean deficiency, pitted nails could be associated with psoriasis.

Chemical exposure can also lead to the nail being corroded away after prolonged use. If you notice thickened or curved nails growing on your nail bed, it could mean you have a lung or cardiac problem that is yet to be revealed. Any unusual changes should be immediately reported to your doctor.

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5. Nail Ridges

Nail ridges could also reveal so much about your health. If you see vertical lines on the nails, that could be just aging but horizontal lines or beau lines could indicate the sudden stoppage of nail growth. It could or could not be associated with poor health. The causes could range from high fever to serious illness.

6. Cuticle Health

Though often ignored, did you know an overly trimmed or short cuticle could point toward fungal infection? This could leave your nail beds and nails exposed to damage which can cause serious problems.

7. Nail Hygiene

Looking after nails just by putting on nail paint is not the right way to go about it. They are to be moisturized and protected from chemicals, dirt, and infections. This could mean cleaning it with soap and water and not biting it. Also, don’t test your nails by opening cans which can lead to their breakage. 

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8. Nail Changes During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers also notice changes in their nails. Some mothers have brittle nails while some mothers often have faster nail growth depending on their body and health.

9. The Role Of Diet

Foods play an important role in maintaining the health of your nails. Eating food rich in biotin with zinc and Calcium could do wonders for your nails and is even known to promote their growth.

Nails should never be dismissed as mere fashion statements but more like indicators of your health. Any change in their natural state should be consulted with the doctor.

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