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Lentils For Weight Loss: Unveiling The Power Of This Superfood

Lentils are legumes belonging to the starchy family. This plant of Mediterranean origin is among the first vegetables cultivated by man.

Lentils grow in bushy plants of 30 to 40 cm, with particularly thin stems. Their pods contain 1 to 2 seeds. This legume comes in several varieties, the big question is this: Do they make you lose or gain weight?

How Do They Make You Lose or Gain Weight?

There are different varieties of lentils. Let’s Discuss a few varieties of Lentils here

Different varieties of lentils.
Different Varieties Of Lentils
  • Blond Lentil: Grown in the United States and Canada, this variety is the largest and most common, it has a mild and slightly sweet flavor.
  • Green Lentil: Grown in North America and Europe, this variety has excellent cooking properties.
  • Black Lentil: Originating from Canada, they are smooth and round, and their flavor is similar to that of chestnuts and hazelnuts. They are sometimes nicknamed vegetable caviar or beluga lentil.
  • Red Lentil: Marketed under the name Cantillon, this rare variety is grown in Champagne.
  • Coral Lentil: Grown in the Middle East, India, and North Africa, this small lentil has very thin skin. They have an orange color but become beige when cooked.

Lentils go perfectly with all types of foods. To obtain balanced and healthy dishes, do not hesitate to prepare them with fish, chicken, and other meats. Lentils are high in unsaturated fatty acids and low in fats.

Do Lentils Make You Gain Weight?

Rich in nutrients, lentils can be included in your diet. Thanks to their nutritional composition, they are ideal for different diets.

Lentil contain plant proteins and Complex carbohydrates. In addition to being rich in vitamin B9 and fibers, they are a good source of copper, vitamin B1, selenium, and manganese. In addition, they are concentrated on magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron as well as other B vitamins except B12.

100g of cooked lentils provide 103 kcal. Their energy intake is similar to other starchy foods such as rice, corn, and pasta. Rich in fibers, protein, and Complex carbohydrates. Lentils are recommended in cases of overweight or even in a balanced diet.

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Nutritional Values

For 109g of cooked lentils, here are the nutritional values of each nutrient.

  • Protein 8.6g
  • Carbohydrates 12.2g
  • Lipids 0.4g
  • Fibers 7.9g
  • Copper 0.24mg
  • Iron 1.44mg
  • Magnesium 35.6mg
  • Potassium 222mg

Why Should You Eat Lentil To Lose Weight?

Lentil does not make you lose weight. Moreover, consuming it will help you to maintain your weight at a good standard, provided you accept a balanced diet and practice regular physical activities.

Consuming lentils can be beneficial in weight loss, as they provide a feeling of satisfaction and prevent cravings. Consider varying your diet by also consuming other legumes.

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Lentils And weight loss

Are lentils good for dietary rebalancing? Whatever the variety, lentils are perfectly suited to slimming or dietary rebalancing for a variety of reasons

Benefits Of Lentils For Weight Loss

  • Their low caloric intake
  • Their fiber contents
  • The amount of nutrients they contain
  • Consumption of lentils helps compensate for deficiencies due to their high iron contents.
  • As part of a slimming diet, you can combine them with lean meats.
  • Furthermore, you can consume lentils as part of a gluten-free diet and as part of an anti-anemia diet.
  • People following a gluten-free diet must exclude much food from their diets, however, this often leads to deficiencies, including iron deficiency which can cause anaemia.
  • Not containing gluten, lentils are preferred due to their high iron content.
  • Lentil also contains a good amount of folic acid, a pregnant woman should remember to regularly include lentil in the diet.

However, food supplements are also necessary to cover folic acid needs during pregnancy.

Lentils are therefore a good source of weight rebalancing when they are taken along with regular physical activities, however with a conscious and disciplined dietary routine, it can also be effective for slimming when the process is monitored carefully with detailed exercise.

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