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Lower Belly Fat During Pregnancy – Expert Tips And Strategies

During pregnancy your body undergoes many changes to accommodate the baby’s growth inside you. Apart from the obvious symptoms you might also have some intrinsic alterations inside you. One of them is having lower belly fat. Many mothers do express their concerns and would definitely want to take care of it. However, doctors are of the opinion that some belly fat might be more critical than others and require closer observation.

Kinds Of Weight Gain In Pregnant Women

There are three types of weight gain a woman can experience when she is expecting. Firstly, it would be the normal weight gain. This is expected to increase as the baby grows inside you. This is no cause for concern since it is extremely important for the health of the mother and fetus. Secondly, there comes visceral fat which is fat accumulated near the organs and is often a cause of concern.

While some gain is expected, there should not be an excess and in case it does, it should be checked to prevent any disorders.

Thirdly, there is subcutaneous fat or lower belly fat which is otherwise needed to insulate the body but during pregnancy, people do gain a lot of it. 

So why do mothers gain lower belly fat during pregnancy?

Lower Belly Fat During Pregnancy

Reasons For Lower Belly Fat Gain In Pregnant Women

Pregnant women could gain lower belly fat due to the following causes:

1. Uterine enlargement- This happens when the baby grows and the woman’s uterus expands. It pushes back the abdominal muscles and lets the belly protrude.

2. Hormonal Change- When one is pregnant, there could be an overflow of hormones which would increase the lower belly fat. It causes fat storage in the abdominal area.

3. Water retention- Water retention is the ability of the body to hold water and some women experience it more than others.

4. Genetics- Apparently, genetics also plays a role in deciding if you are going to have an increased lower belly fat

5. Distribution of fat- Fat distribution is seen to be varying in some women when compared to others. Mostly, they have a lot of lower belly fat due to abdominal expansion which is absent in some others.

Tips To Manage Lower Belly Fat During Pregnancy

If you are too concerned about gaining weight during pregnancy you could consider the following steps

✅ Eat a balanced diet-  Not only is this important for the growth of the baby but eating a balanced diet can help you manage your lower belly fat as well. You could talk to your dietitian and take the necessary steps.

✅ Stay active- If you were active before the pregnancy there is no reason to stop it unless you are advised not to. Engaging even in lighter activities like walking, swimming, or jogging could be refreshing for the baby and your health,

✅ Stay hydrated- No matter what you should drink an ample amount of water as sometimes thirst can mimic hunger so you could avoid unnecessary snacking.

✅ Prenatal care- Commit yourself to pre-natal care in order to monitor your weight gain regularly. They can also help you suggest ways to manage it.

✅ Rest and relaxation- Though it might be difficult not to be anxious or stressed, you should try and remain calm as much as possible. Trying out yoga or similar pre natal classes could be enlightening.

✅ Pelvic floor exercise- This is not only important for your labour but also help maintain your overall weight.

Talk to your OB/GYN about any problems that you might be facing and enjoy the period as much as you can. There are plenty of ways to shed the lower belly fat once you have given birth.

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