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Exploring The Connection Between Period Cramps And Fertility

Many people often link period cramps with fertility. There are also assumptions that state painful periods are an indication of high fertility and vice versa. This can be confusing to the ladies out there and sometimes this can stay as a hindrance against seeking proper medical help if you are really having fertility issues.

Ladies who are trying to conceive may also face this issue since they assume such false statements to be true and restrict themselves from seeking professional medical help. That is why this article has been written to give you comprehensive knowledge regarding the real connection between bad period cramps and the fertility quotient of a woman. 

Are Period Cramps Linked To Fertility?

One of the most important things to be noted in this scenario is that period cramps are not just the result of the fertility percentage owned by a woman. This can be due to a wide variety of reasons that you need to get identified by undergoing a detailed medical checkup as per the instruction of an expert professional in the field.

Is There Any Connection Between Period Cramp And Fertility
The Link Between Period Cramp And High Fertility

However, if you are quite particular about linking painful periods with your fertility marks, it stays in the reverse order of the assumption. That is painful periods can be a signal of fertility issues or poor fertility possessed by a woman. If you are a woman trying to procreate, then it is important to treat your painful periods first, because that can be one of the major reasons why you are not able to conceive as per your plans. 

Poor Fertility And Painful Periods

In order to understand the connection between poor fertility and painful periods, you need to first have a comprehensive knowledge of the working mechanism of period cramps. Period cramps are normal and come with every menstrual cycle there is nothing to be worried about the same if the pain is bearable for the individual.

Period cramps are actually induced by some chemicals called, prostaglandins. Inflammation support, assistance to muscle growth, regulation of body temperature, monitoring of cell growth, etc. are some of the major functions of these chemicals. But when it comes to the menstrual cycle, these chemicals are responsible for the contractions of the muscles in the uterus, making it shed the lining inside it.

But when the levels of prostaglandins get increased in the reproductive mechanism of an individual, the uterine contractions can become several and unbearable for a normal human being. This can be regarded as one of the major causes of extreme period cramps. Having a painful period occasionally can also be considered normal. But if you are having consistent painful menstrual cycles, then it needs to be treated with extreme care.

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Possible Reasons For Painful Periods That Cause Infertility

  • The levels of prostaglandins in the reproductive mechanism of human beings may increase due to a lot of reasons and these reasons need to be identified with the help of a medical practitioner. 
  • Another important reason for painful periods can be a tumor growing inside the uterus. This can also be identified through detailed scanning and medical examination. If you ignore the pain by normalizing it as regular period cramps, it can even destroy your health and be a prominent hindrance if you are trying to reproduce.
  • Endometriosis can be regarded as another reason for extreme period cramps. This is a medical condition in which the uterine lining can be seen extended into other organs surrounding the uterus affecting the whole system. This can also cause infertility along with unbearable pain.


Apart from these, there can also be reasons causing infertility and severe period cramps in individuals. Hence make sure you are seeking the help of an expert medical professional in order to treat the cramps rather than ignoring and normalising the pain.

Also, it is high time that we ditch the assumption that women who suffer more pain during their periods are likely to have more fertility. 

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