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Seven-Day Belly Fat Reduction Plan – Your Guide To Success

Losing belly fat is in no way an easy feat. But we do believe that nothing is impossible. If you need to lose fat in 7 days for an upcoming event or even as a New Year resolution, some steps could make it happen for you according to popular gym trainers.

How To Lose Belly Fat In Seven Days? – Proven Methods

Apart from having resilience and consistency, there are certain ways in which you can achieve the perfect silhouette in the time of mere 7 days. For that you should:

Seven-Day Belly Fat Reduction Plan
  1. Diet- Before even considering working, you should plan your meals and diet. Focus on eating a balanced diet with a proper nutritional guide. Cut off unprocessed foods with high fat and carb content. Avoid eating salt as it can lead to bloating and oils that are fatty. Pay attention to the portions you eat. Measure it with proper plates and spoons. Also, concentrate on drinking plenty of water to avoid snacking and munching.
  2. Exercise- After the diet is taken care of, the workout should be your next goal post. Cardiovascular exercise should always be your priority. It can consist of aerobic exercises like running, swimming, or cycling. This will reduce calories and burn your belly fat. Strength training should be included in the regime. Not only does this build muscles but increases your metabolic rate.  Concentrate on your abdominal muscle fat and choose circuit training. Circuit training has full-body exercises that have 15 reps of all of the above.
  3. Sleep- Lack of sleep can slow down your weight loss. So catch sleep for 7-8 hours regularly. Practice good sleeping habits including drinking water and curbing fats.
  4. Stress management- Along with the rigorous workout routine, you should also consider meditation, yoga, or some kind of relaxing exercise that can relieve the stress on your mind as well as your body.
  5. Limit alcohol Consumption- Drinking and weight loss are opposite sides of the pole. Therefore cut it down completely for 7 days.
  6. Intermittent fasting  While taking a balanced diet is great you can opt to take time for your meals to find success faster.
  7. Stay consistent- Commit to the program and stay as consistent as possible. Take the 7 days as a challenge and follow it religiously to make it a habit.

Is It Healthy To Lose Weight In Seven Days?

According to gym trainers, losing weight in 7 days can lead to rapid problems in your body. So you must be aware of the changes that your body could take on in case you are trying to reduce your weight in 7 days. Your body can be prone to reducing a lot of muscle mass in place of abdominal fat, to prevent this include proteins in your diet.

A sudden drop in weight could also mean you are not getting essential nutrients. In that case, conduct regular checkups and eat whatever is missing from your food. There is a chance that you could dehydrate rather quickly as you are following this tight schedule.

So always keep on drinking water as much as you need. People have also been known to complain of metabolic changes in their bodies owing to following a certain diet. So you should be self-aware enough to not harm you. This doesn’t mean you cannot lose any weight in a week.

1-3 kilograms is considered healthy but don’t push your body beyond that. Look for a long-term setup to make it a way of life rather than following it for shorter goals.

Assess and discuss your case with a gym trainer and dietitian if there are doubts about getting a comprehensive plan.

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