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Sore Throat And Pink Eye: Symptoms You Should Know For Early Identification

Sore throat and pink eye are two distinct medical conditions. However, there could be overlapping symptoms which might make someone confused between the two. Otherwise, the causes are different as well. 

Viral or bacterial infection can lead to sore throat but pink eye could be a result of allergies, irritants, or infections. Both of them could cause redness but one affects the throat and the other affects the eyes.

What Causes Sore Throat?

One can be affected by a sore throat due to a myriad of reasons. It is usually caused by viral or bacterial infection including Influenza, streptococcal, or as a result of whooping cough. Environmental factors might also play a major part in one getting infected by a sore throat.

People can have a sore throat due to allergies or irritants leading their throats to close up. Smoking or passive smoking, dry environment. Acid reflux is one of the other reasons why one could have a case of sore throat. People who use their throats regularly for strenuous activities like singing or oratory also experience sore throats.

Causes Of Sore Throat

Contracting tonsillitis or mono could also have a sore throat as a subsequent symptom if not primary. A major symptom of sore throat or pharyngitis includes throat pain. This could be lasting and be accompanied by uncontrollable scratching. Secondly, one could experience difficulty in solid or liquid foods which is worsened by redness and swelling of the throat. Thirdly, a voice change or dry cough with the absence of sputum could also cause an additional symptom of a sore throat. People have also reported having fever and the appearance of a white or yellow film over their soft or hard palate.

How To Treat Sore Throat

  • To treat sore throat one could either drink plenty of hot fluids or give it a rest for a day to two.
  • Moreover, you can opt for over-the-counter pain relievers that can help manage the swelling.
  • Talking lozenges or cough syrups should also be considered if the problem persists or a dry cough appears as a symptom.
  • Using a humidifier, throat spray, and steam inhalation are all ideal methods to get rid of a sore throat. In case it is a secondary symptom, consulting a doctor might be the right choice.

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What Causes Pink Eyes?

Pink eye or conjunctivitis on the other hand could be caused by allergy, viral or bacterial infection. Similar to sore throat streptococcus can affect one’s eyes and can be extremely contagious. Allergy to pollen, pet dander, or dust could trigger pink eye in some cases. Inhaling smoke along with unwanted chemicals can cause sore throat and redness of the eye.

Contact eye lens users who wear it for long hours are known to develop pink eye due to infection. Additionally, contracting STIs after or pre-birth( when the mother has an STI) can cause the child to have neonatal conjunctivitis. When it comes to symptoms it could range from eye redness to watery discharge from the eye. One may also undergo extreme itchiness in their eyes or feel like they have dust trapped in them. Swelling, light sensitivity, and crusty eyelids could all be the aftermath of having pink eye.

How To Treat Pink Eyes

  • Pink eyes might be better with warm compressions on the eyes.
  • Antihistamines with artificial tears could manage the symptoms of crustiness or redness. Eye drops or prescription medications are also available for those who have bacterial conjunctivitis.
  • Cool compresses are also known to provide relief to some who are irritant to hot compressions.
  • Doctors also prescribe removing contact lenses within 2-3 hours to get rid of the possible infection that may be fatal to your eyes. Over-the-counter medications work treating both most of the time but in severe cases, doctors should be consulted and medications should be taken.

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