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Discover What Causes Belly Button Pain In This Interactive Guide.

The abdominal part of the body often referred to as the belly in a simple term is not a compact entity or just a succulent region of the body. This part is divided into segments and boundaries purposely for clinical and anatomical examination as it relates to the functions of its components physiologically.

These divisions sometimes can be classified as quadrants, each quadrant is identified along with the organs that can be found within it, this therefore helps to simplify methods of organ identification and detection of pain.

Once these quadrants are well identified coupled with the related organs, the possible cause of pain around the belly and from which organ such pain is being felt can easily be noticed and identified.

How To Identify Belly Button Pain?

When people experience pain around their stomach, they are often confused about the exact point or causes of such pain, is it in the upper abdomen, the lower quadrant, or somewhere else? These are possible questions that will be emanating from them.

Identify Belly Button Pain
Possible Causes Of Belly Button Pain To Identify Easily

There are different types of pains that can be felt around the belly, and at various parts of the belly, among these types of pain is belly button pain

The belly button is another term used to describe the umbilical region in the belly, this umbilical cord area is located in the lower abdomen of the body, and the belly button itself is called the navel.

Pain around this region is not commonly discussed because the umbilical cord has no function after birth, it is just the scar of the cord that can be markedly seen around this region, this cord connects the fetus to the mother during pregnancy.

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What Is The Major Cause Of Pain Around The Belly Button?

Pain in the belly button can easily be confused with pain emanating from other regions of the stomach, this is made possible because the belly button is connected to many other organs around the lower abdominal region, as a result, the belly button pain or also known as periumbilical pain can be confusing and sensitive, which must not be neglected.

The connection between the belly button and other visceral is the reason for most of the pains around this area of the body, oftentimes the root cause of the pain is not from this region but emanates from other sources

This region of the body holds an important landmark in the abdominal region, and it is well connected to a few other organs like the appendix, ovaries, and fallopian tube in the female, right ureter, and the colon, in fact, the belly button is referred to as the center that facilitates the division of the abdominal region.

Belly pain is not a common condition, and belly button pain itself is not a disorder, it must be followed by different underlying conditions due to its landmark importance where it is well connected to other viscerals in the abdomen.

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Some Common Causes Of Belly Button Pain

The severity of periumbilical pain can range from mild to severe type of pain, minor causes of belly button pain can occur due to constipation, indigestion, or pregnancy.

In cases of severe pain, individuals experiencing this type of pain are expected to consult their healthcare specialists, this type of severe pain can occur due to appendicitis, gallstones, or pancreatitis. These are serious medical complications that may manifest as symptoms through belly button pain.

This pain sometimes can be felt as a sharp pain in the belly button, it may present in others as bloating, the severity of the pain and the specific region are important clinically for proper diagnosis of the underlying conditions.

Treatment in most cases can be done quickly through prescribed medication, in most cases when the underlying factor of the pain is critical, proper medical attention may be needed or even surgery can be performed to help the underlying cause.

It should be noted that the severity of the pain, like sharp pain sensation and the region of the pain, can help doctors to easily determine the underlying cause of the pain.

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