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UAE Company’s Mental Health Team Leads Employees Workplace Well-Being Initiatives

The scale of mental disorders makes mental health a priority in terms of public health. In its latest report on mental health, the World Health Organization estimated that mental disorders affect approximately 450 million people worldwide. The World Health Organization also recalled that it is possible to prevent a certain number of mental disorders and that a majority of them can be treated successfully.

However, although many treatments exist and have proven to be effective, their use remains very problematic. Access to adequate care is a complex subject that is a source of much dissatisfaction for people suffering from mental illness and for public authorities.

UAE Company’s Aims To Boost Workplace Well-Being

For easy access and seamless mental health services, UAE Company aims to boost workplace well-being. Emirates World Aluminum, one of the largest companies in the UAE with 7000 employees, supports the community so that employees do not suffer in silence.

The first employer in the United Arab Emirates to prioritize Well-Being in workplaces with the help of a dedicated psychological well-being group.

UAE Company's Boost Workplace Well-Being

It is however observed that in a male-dominated industry, there is a historical reluctance to talk about mental wellness, more reason dedicated volunteers of Syrian civil defense, often known as White Helmets, EGA water helmets provide a great psychological aid for those struggling or nervous in disaster.

EGA, which has factories in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, trained nearly 150 psychologically trained first aid workers who provided basic counseling to more than 300 employees as part of the project.

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More than 3,200 people attended larger group shows hosted by the company. Some of the company’s workers spoke about their experiences on the occasion of World Psychology Day, which is celebrated every year before November 10, and encouraged others to help overcome psychological problems.

One of the well-trained psychologists at EGA said, that our mental well-being is first aid, like medical first aid, which helps our assistants when they are stressed or when they really feel that they can not talk to another person, or when they have a certain problem at home.

They come, sit with them, and listen. The challenge is that if someone first wants physical assistance, they must first give psychological help on that occasion. Ms Corbitt initially enrolled in the ‘Salama’ home support program following the loss of her brother who committed suicide following a bout of depression.

“Of course I was drunk,” she said, I couldn’t concentrate on my work, so I skipped work days. I started withdrawing from my friends and colleagues”

” I can’t get in touch with a psychologist and an epilepsy specialist. Slowly but surely I am trying to reach out to my friends and colleagues again and participate in my life. The days are still sick, but I have learned to deal with the previous ones.”

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I hope the spirit is good, mental wellness is the first aid that strengthens people and organizations and helps them overcome any fluctuations or disasters experienced.

There is a wide range of situations or conditions that can be categorized as mental or psychological conditions. It can range from panic attacks to melancholia, including normal difficulty adjusting to expatriation or to traumatic events or bereavement.

More than three hundred workers benefited from the advice of these educated and trained specialists, Salam’s group visited different departments to publicize the program and help EGA workers. The assistance is free and confidential.

“At other companies, mental well-being is the responsibility of human resources, although at EGA it is placed under a protective umbrella and is part of our company’s responsibility,” said Elizabeth Bredell, Senior safety and security supervisor, management at EGA. It is one thing to make sure we are validating all our values if you see something that’s not right.

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