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Electoral Challenge: Virginia Becomes Epicenter Of Abortion Controversy

Democratic President-Candidate Joe Biden is rallying Organizations defending abortion rights, while some Republican leaders are promising, on the contrary, an all-out ban.

However, the latest opinion surveys confirm it: the majority of Americans want to protect, according to a recent CNN poll, 64% want a return to women’s constitutional rights to abortion.

The Republican majority is testing the limits of democracy ahead of November’s abortion rights vote. Meanwhile, Democrats plan to consistently embrace abortion rights in the 2024 election, believing the issue will continue to influence voters and weigh in on their path.

Virginia Takes On Abortion As A Key Issue

They are planning the same election in Virginia. But some Republicans and anti-abortion groups are also intensifying their messages as November 7 approaches, where all 140 state and General Assembly seats will be up for grabs.

What happened in Virginia will be closely watched across the country, elections in the purple state are often seen as the crowning glory of the 2024 election cycle, meanwhile, abortion protections are at stake.

Virginia Takes On Abortion As A Key Issue

Virginia is the only Southern State since Roe V. Wade was ousted and Governor Glenn Youngkin advocates banning most abortions after 15 weeks. The fight against abortion occupies an important space on the airwaves.

Abortion is a major topic on television shows supporting Democratic House and Senate Candidates in Virginia’s general and primary elections, to the tune of at least $4.5 million. Among Republicans, the issue of abortion returned to other issues such as crime, taxes, and education, with the amendment mentioning abortions costing more than $590,000.

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There is no doubt that the field of abortion in the state of Virginia has expanded this year. Democrats hold a slim majority in the state Senate, while Republicans hold a slim majority in the House. With early voting already underway, the Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee has pledged more than $1.5 million to help manage the general election, the group is committed and on track to knock on 70,000 doors across the region.

According to Jamie Lockhart, executive director of the Planned Parenthood Advocate for virgins, twice as many volunteers went out to call or knock on doors than at similar times during the 2021 election.

The issues are clear, he said “If anti-abortion politicians win, we know they will block access to abortion in Virginia. Virginia currently allows abortion during the second trimester if three doctors determine that the woman’s life or safety is in danger.

Youngkin’s 15-week ban was intended to significantly narrow the window for legal abortions, but it nevertheless allows the vast majority of them. Abortion rights groups argue that the ban strips women of the ability to make their own medical decisions.

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Meanwhile, a leading anti-abortion group, SBA pro-life America, believes Virginia offers Republicans a geographical path to advance in other states. During the 2022 election, he sharply criticized a group of GOP Candidates who tried to ignore the hearing, and he encouraged the party to become pro-abortion.

Over the last cycle, we have seen many candidates across states bury their heads in the sand and turn their backs on the issue rather than address it head-on, said Kaitlin Makuski, SBA policy Coordinator. Leading abortion opponents also see Virginia as a place where Republicans can derail the debate and avoid using the “Ostrich war tool” to try to avoid the issue.

They pressured Republican candidates to clarify their personal positions, speak compassionately about newborns and women seeking abortions, and introduce policies to support foster care and the adoption system. For those on either side of the debate, the election begins this Friday, and Virginia remains a major factor that will determine the position of abortion law as it affects all.

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