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Lean Gene Reviews: Can This Fat Burner Support In Your Perfect Weight Loss Journey?

Lean Gene is a weight loss supplement that targets the root cause of stubborn belly fat and related health issues. This Lean Gene weight loss supplement is made with 100% natural ingredients that are clinically tested and scientifically backed. According to the manufacturer, this supplement works on three pathways that help to accelerate weight loss.

Lean Gene is designed in the form of capsules that can be used for the long term without causing side effects. This Lean Gene review aims to discuss more about the formulation of this supplement. It is necessary to understand everything related to a dietary supplement before purchasing it. 

Lean Gene Reviews: Does It Really Improve Mental Focus?

Weight loss is a difficult process in which genetics, age, diet, and physical activity play a vital role. Understanding the root cause of weight gain, and working on it can help to overcome this condition. However, many popular weight loss techniques may not work for several reasons. But, some are able to control their body by supplementing essential nutrients.

Although there are thousands of weight loss supplements, most do not work and instead harm your health. So, we should be vigilant while selecting a dietary supplement.

Almost every Lean Gene weight loss supplement claims that consuming their supplement helps to shed weight within no time, which is unbelievable. Science does not support such claims. In this Lean Gene review, let’s evaluate each claim made by the manufacturer and check if they are science-backed.    

Lean Gene Review

Supplement NameLean Gene
ClassificationLean Gene is a weight loss supplement designed to address the underlying factors contributing to stubborn belly fat and associated health concerns.
Core Ingredients ?Yerba Mate
?Green tea
Quantity60 veggie capsules
Main Benefit?Reduce blood sugar levels
?Helps to improve cardiovascular health
?Support the immune system
?Improve mental focus
DosageTwo capsules daily
Lean Gene Side Effects Not reported yet
Compatibility Adults
Pros✅Each ingredient used in the supplement is science-backed and clinically tested.
✅Manufactured in a CGMP facility approved by the FDA.
✅Made of 100% pure plant extracts.
✅The proprietary blend is free from GMOs, gluten, and artificial chemicals
Cons❌Lean Gene is only available on the official website.
❌Can get out of stock quickly. 
RestrictionsDon’t use pregnant or nursing mothers
Don’t use children under the age of 18
BonusBonus #1: 7-Day Perfect Body Blueprint
Bonus#2: 24-Hour, Stop Your Fat Storage Gene Plan 
Bonus #3: Stop Fat Storage Tonic and Smoothies Recipes
Price Plans$59 per bottle
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Refund Policy60 days
Official websiteClick Here

What Is Lean Gene?

Lean Gene is a natural formula that helps to lose weight. According to the manufacturer, this supplement was discovered after a detailed study on weight gain issues. This Lean Gene weight loss formula helps you shed stubborn fat by increasing your resting metabolism. This supplement activates a gene that is responsible for metabolic disorders.

This Lean Gene supplement is manufactured with 100% pure plant extract, and the proprietary blend of this supplement is free from chemicals, fillers, hidden sugar, or other ingredients that are harmful to health. Lean Gene weight loss supplement is a vegetarian capsule, formulated in a lab facility that is approved by the FDA and certified by GMP. So, the manufacturing process of Lean Gene is safe and secure.

This Lean Gene weight loss formula is manufactured using a unique “clean Filtering” process that preserves the nutrients and does not allow them to be contaminated. Apart from this, Lean Gene is also tested by third-party testers for quality assurance. 

How Does Lean Gene Work?

According to the manufacturer, Lean Gene works on three pathways in the body. This Lean Gene weight loss supplement targets the UPC2 gene in the body that is responsible for the metabolic process. The potent ingredients in the supplement help to activate this gene. As a result, the metabolic process in the body increases and shrinks the fat cells. 

The three pathways of the Lean Gene fat burner are.

 Pathway 1- The Lean Gene targets the UPC2 gene in the body

According to the Lean Gene manufacturer, weight gain is due to the improper functioning of the UPC2 gene. This gene plays a vital role in burning fat for energy instead of storing it in the body. The UPC2 gene in the body is activated, and the metabolism process in the body also gets accelerated. It also helps to lower blood sugar and aid in fat oxidation. 

Pathway 2- The supplement boosts resting metabolism

Metabolism plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body weight. The metabolic rate starts to decline when the person is aged. The potent ingredients in Lean Gene capsules boost the resting metabolism and burn more calories. The ingredients work synergically to burn more calories and prevent storing it as fat in the body. 

Pathway 3- The Lean Gene fat burner helps resist fat formation in the body

Cravings and temptation are uncontrollable factors in the weight loss journey. This condition forces you to eat junk and high-carb foods. This Lean Gene weight loss supplement helps to reduce cravings with the help of natural ingredients. When your UPC2 gene is activated, your body naturally burns more fat for energy. The Lean Gene weight loss supplement also helps maintain healthy insulin levels that can destroy your health.     

Lean Gene Ingredients List

Lean Gene is a combination of natural ingredients that are extracted from different parts of the world. The manufacturer has selected 100% natural ingredients, and there is no trace of artificial ingredients in the supplement.

All the ingredients in the Lean Gene weight loss supplement are backed by scientific evidence and clinical studies. Here are the health benefits of each ingredient used in the supplement. 

In this Lean Gene review, we provide a detailed introduction to the ingredients.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a plant that is native to South America. This ingredient is backed by multiple scientific studies that state that Yerba Mate increases resting metabolic rate and burns more fat in the body. This Lean Gene ingredient also helps to improve mental focus, enhance physical performance, boost immunity, reduce the risk of heart disease, and lower blood sugar levels. 


Butyrate is a natural acid that increases the expression of genes that are involved in fat. This Lean Gene ingredient in Leane Gene supports healthy gut bacteria, increases resting metabolism, and burns stubborn belly fat. 



Butyrate is a natural acid that increases the expression of genes that are involved in fat. This Lean Gene ingredient in Leane Gene supports healthy gut bacteria, increases resting metabolism, and burns stubborn belly fat. 


Choline is necessary for muscle contraction and weight loss. It slows down the body’s weight gain without affecting the strength. It also helps to improve metabolic health and reduce fat accumulation. 



Polyphenols are nutrients that are extracted from plants. This Lean Gene ingredient helps reduce physiological weight gain in the body. It also protects the body from type 2 diabetes.   

Benefits Of Lean Gene Capsules

The manufacturer has formulated a Lean Gene fat burner to help people suffering from stubborn fat deposits in the body. The active ingredients in the body also help with multiple health benefits. 

The natural ingredients in the Lean Gene weight reduction supplement help to control blood sugar levels in the body. This supplement increases the secretion of insulin and helps to manage type 2 diabetes.  

Lean Gene helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body which plays a vital role in damaging cardiovascular health.

Lean Gene dietary formula contains nutrients that are necessary for the optimal functioning of the body. The ingredients in the supplement help to keep the immune system strong. As a Lean Gene result, the immune system releases antibodies that protect from disease-causing organisms.  

The Lean Gene weight loss supplement improves brain functions, mental clarity, and focus. Lean Gene supplies oxygen and nutrition-rich blood to the brain. 

Lean Gene Customer Reviews – Are Customers Satisfied With The Results?

LeanGene is one of the famous weight loss supplements. Thousands of people are pleased with the effectiveness of the supplement and buying multiple bottles of Lean Gene. There are numerous Lean Gene customer reviews available on the internet.

The responses from the certified customers state that LeanGene is a safe weight loss supplement that provides multiple health benefits. As of now, no one has reported any Lean Gene side effects or complaints related to the formulation of Lean Gene.

The only complaint Lean Gene capsules received is that the supplement is getting out of stock quickly, which indicates a solid customer base.  

Is Lean Gene Backed By Science & Scientific Research?

All the ingredients used in the Lean Gene fat burner are backed by scientific studies. According to the study published by the National Institute of Health states, Yerba Mate has anti-obesity properties that help lose weight.

Another study shows that Butyrate helps to reduce fat deposited in the adipose tissue. Polyphenols are one of the major ingredients in LeanGene.

According to a journal published in MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute), Polyphenols contain healthy supporting properties that help to resolve metabolic disorders. Similarly, other ingredients of Lean Gene pills are also backed by multiple scientific studies.      

Lean Gene Dosage & Results

✅The detailed dosage instruction of LeanGene pills is provided on the fact label of the supplement. According to the manufacturer, an adult can take 2 Lean Gene capsules once a day. The best way to take the supplement is 20 to 30 minutes before a meal with 8oz of water.

The Lean Gene results can vary from person to person due to several reasons. The Lean Gene manufacturer says that an individual can notice significant changes after using the supplement for at least 3 to 6 months. However, consistency is the key and you have to follow the dosage instructions to witness the desired results. 

If you are a person with other health conditions or are taking prescribed medicines, it will be better to consult a doctor for professional advice. Pregnant, lactating mothers and children under the age of 18 are not recommended to take the supplement. 

Lean Gene Price Details

Here are the price details of the Lean Gene fat burner that are provided on the Lean Gene official website. 

  • Get one bottle of Lean Gene at $59 per bottle.
  • Get three bottles of Lean Gene at $49 per bottle. 
  • Get six bottles of Lean Gene at $44 per bottle.

All the packs of Lean Gene capsules come with free shipping all over the world. Also, there are free bonuses available while purchasing 3 and 6-bottle packages.  

Lean Gene Bonuses

The manufacturer has included 3 bonus gifts with 3 and 6-bottle purchases. Here are the details of each bonus.

7-Day Perfect Body Blueprint

Bonus#1- 7-Day Perfect Body Blueprint

This is a 7-day, step-by-step that helps you lose weight effectively. This blueprint worth $27 is getting for free with Lean Gene. This book reveals the secret behind the weight loss transformation of celebrities. 

24-Hour, Stop Your Fat Storage Gene Plan

Bonus #2- 24-Hour, Stop Your Fat Storage Gene Plan

This is a book that contains simple recipes, tips, and tricks that help lose weight. The book contains weight-loss fruits, high-protein meals, and foods. 

 Stop Fat Storage Tonic & Smoothie Recipes

Bonus #3- Stop Fat Storage Tonic & Smoothie Recipes

This book explains the recipes for healthy smoothies and tonics that can be prepared quickly and easily.  

Where To Buy Lean Gene Fat Burner?

According to the manufacturer, the Lean Gene official website is the only place from which you can purchase Lean Gene. You cannot find Lean Gene pills from other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. The supplement cannot be available from retail stores or pharmacies.

Due to the popularity of the supplement, many random manufacturers have produced weight loss supplements in the name of Lean Gene fat burner and claimed to provide multiple health benefits.

In fact, such supplements are unhealthy to health and cannot provide the health benefits of LeanGene. Remember not to fall into such pitfalls and purchase Lean Gene only from the official website.   

Lean Gene Refund Policy

Each bottle of Lean Gene fat burner comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the supplement you can return the supplement within 60 days from the order date. The Lean Gene manufacturer is ready to return all your money without asking any questions or hassle-free.

The only thing you have to do is contact the support team of Lean Gene supplement and request a refund. You have to return the bottles, no matter if it is empty. The Lean Gene fat burner manufacturer will proceed with the refund within a few business days. 

Lean Gene Pros And Cons

Lean Gene fat burners come with plenty of health benefits. This weight loss aid is manufactured in a safe lab facility to minimize the Lean Gene side effects. Although LeanGene is a natural weight loss supplement, it has its own pros and cons. 

  • Comes in the form of an easy-to-swallow dietary capsule.
  • Made using all-natural ingredients.
  • A clinically proven formula that is free from GMOs, additives, stimulants, or chemical compounds. 
  • Free shipping with every purchase.
  • Sold at a reasonable price that is affordable to all.
  • Available for international shipping.
  • The authentic Viva Prime formula can be purchased only through their official product website. 
  • Customers who are taking other medications must use the supplement after obtaining consent from their physician.

Lean Gene Reviews: Final Verdict

Considering all the factors of LeanGene, this supplement can be considered an apt supplement to reduce stubborn fat naturally. In addition,

According to the Lean Gene review, the supplement exclusively utilizes natural ingredients extracted from plants. Its approach to addressing weight gain involves targeting the root cause through a focus on three distinct pathways.

The combination of all the ingredients provides multiple health benefits, such as reducing blood sugar, improving brain health, supporting the immune system, and accelerating the metabolic process. 

This Lean Gene natural supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified lab facility in the USA. This supplement supports healthy weight loss with the combination of a 100% proprietary blend that is free from GMOs, gluten, and stimulants. So, the supplement is safe and there are no chances of causing side effects. 

Lean Gene Reviews – The Overall Supplement Score

Lean Gene is a natural formula designed to aid in weight loss. According to the manufacturer, this supplement was developed following an in-depth study of weight gain issues.

– Brainstorm Force

Lean Gene
Money back guarantee


The Lean Gene natural supplement is produced in a USA-based FDA-approved and GMP-certified laboratory. This supplement facilitates healthy weight loss through a 100% proprietary blend that is entirely free from GMOs, gluten, and stimulants.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use Lean Gene?

Lean Gene is designed for all men and women of all ages. Children under the age of 18 are not recommended to use the supplement. 

2. Can I use Lean Gene with other medicines?

Lean Gene contains natural ingredients and there are no ingredients that are harmful or react with other medicines. But, if you want, you can consult a doctor for better advice. 

3. How many bottles should I purchase?

The maker offers three different packages, in which you can select 3 or 6-bottle packages at affordable prices. 

4. What if I take more than the recommended dosage accidentally?

The manufacturer suggests following the dosage instructions, in case you exceed the dosage, you can neutralize it with drinking water. 

5. How long does it take to reach my order?

Lean Gene may arrive within 5 to 7 working days if you are in the USA. It may take more for international orders. 


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