TU Rehab

Services provided at Therapeutics Unlimited

Therapeutics Unlimited provides a full scope of therapeutic services to help you regain optimal functionality, mobility, range of motion, and overall wellness. In addition to therapy, Therapeutics Unlimited provides extensive follow-up including our Post-gym and Education programs. These programs help patients successfully integrate therapy goals and achievements into everyday living. Depending on your condition, you may require one or more type of therapy.

Physical Therapy

As our flagship program, most our patients receive some form of physical therapy. Whether the patient is pre or post an orthopedic surgery, suffering from arthritis, has balance and gate issues, or simply has back pain, our therapists will custom design a physical therapy program to serve the patients needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses primarily on enhancing fine motor skills, hand function, hand-eye coordination, and sensory dysfunction. Many of our patients who are post-hand surgery prefer the Occupational therapy program.

Orthopedics and Sports Rehabilitation

All of our therapists have extensive experience treating patients that are pre and post orthopedic procedures, which include the following: total joint replacements, musculoskeletal injuries and arthroscopic surgery etc. Our aim is not only to relieve pain, but to recondition and educate our patients, to enable and empower them to work and perfrom recreational activities. Our spacious falicilities and state of the art equipment make us an ideal provider for Sports Rehabilitation.

Aquatic Therapy

We are pleased to offer our patients Aquatic Therapy, exclusively at our East Brunswick location, using the latest innovative technology in the SwimEx 1000 T pool. Aquatic Therapy is beneficial for patients who have difficulty with land exercise. This therapy program can be implemented as a stand alone therapy, or integrated into a traditional physical therapy program.

Senior Therapy Programs

Our Senior Therapy Programs focus on balance, arthritic pain reduction, and other ailments that are often typical amongst seniors. Our friendly environment and compassionate therapists create a warm and secure environment for all our patients.


Patients suffering from Arthritis can benefit from many aspects of physical therapy. Our Physical therapists assist you with joint function, muscle strength, and fitness level. They understand the mechanics of bones, joints, and muscles working together, the problems that can occur, and what to do about them.

Balance and Gait

Balance is a multi-dimensional concern and our therapists use a comprehensive approach in analysis and design of specialized treatments to address all issues relating to balance. Additionally, we provide our patients with the most state of the art equipment specifically for balance treatment. These include the Biden Balance System SD and the Biodex Gait Treadmill Trainer.

Gym/Post Therapy Step Down Program

Our Step Down Program provides patients with the ability to pursue long-term wellness goals when intensive therapy is no longer necessary. This enables a smooth transition from a formal physical therapy program to a an independent excercise program.

MicroVas Technology

MicroVas is an advanced, innovative therapy used in the treatment many diagnosis but specifically for diabetic and arthritic neuropathy. Micro is currently being used at some of the most prestigous medical clinics in the world and has shown remarkable results in recent studies.

Laser/Light Therapy

One of the most exciting recent advances in physical therapy modalities is the cold or hot laser, especially used with patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Light therapy has been found to have a positive therapeutic effect on living tissues.