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National Healthcare and Housing Advisors Appointed Dr. Clayton Chau As Chief Strategy And Innovation Officer

Dr. Chau was on the board of directors for the California Institute of Behavioral Health Solutions for over a decade bringing the cultural and equity lens to organizations that employ Strategies rooted in code design to increase inclusivity and social justice in the mental health system.

To continue transforming the healthcare system through creativity and innovation, National Healthcare and Housing Advisors (NHHA) welcomes Dr. Clayton Chau to the team.

National Healthcare Advisors Names Dr. Clayton Chau As Chief Strategy And Innovation Officer

The inclusion of Dr. Chau to this team is imperative as a result of his years of innovative and strategic positioning across different boards as a director.

Joining the team is pivotal to the work NHHA is doing to provide transformative change to vulnerable and marginalized populations, keeping health equity and diversity at the forefront.

Through innovation and creativity, NHHA focuses attention on different perspectives together to solve the biggest issues facing healthcare.

National Healthcare Advisors Names Dr. Clayton Chau As Chief Strategy And Innovation Officer

Dr. Chau sees this development as an exciting opportunity to work with industry leaders.

While speaking with Terry Campbell (COO of NHHA) and Paul Leon ( CEO of NHHA)  to discuss how they  plan on working together to resolve some challenges confronting healthcare, Dr. Chau narrated: 

” After I retired, I started talking to Paul and met with Terry, and I realized this opportunity with NHHA is amazing and allows us the freedom to achieve such a big goal and it is exciting. Often in healthcare, industry professionals have been in it for years, but don’t know what’s happening outside healthcare and medicine. Sometimes the solution might be right in front of them in plain sight, but they may not see it from their perspectives.”

This is why it is important to have different perspectives on healthcare.

He further said ” With the NHHA, the power lies in our unique background, and coming together to collectively find the right solutions.

Dr. Chau is truly a perfect match for this task, his presence will contribute immensely to a new strategic approach and resounding innovation in NHHA.

Having served in different capacities, he is seasoned with quality and proactive skills and leadership acumen.

A few of his innovative approaches across different boards include:

He oversaw public health, mental health and recovery environmental health, correctional health, employee health, public guardian, and emergency medical service with over 2900 staff and a budget of over $1 billion.

Another outstanding achievement of Dr. Chau is how he successfully led the County in its overall COVID-19 response efforts.

In his response, CEO Paul Leon said ” 90% of the non-profits in the United States are under $100,000. They are small local service providers and organizations, they are so isolated that it is difficult for them to make a big impact.

With NHHA, we have worked with and have a clear understanding of both the public and private sectors, how they function, and how they operate.

I have almost exclusively worked in the private sector, and I understand how funding in the private market goes.

He said we have really integrated our executive team and our staff to take the best of both worlds and really enhance the public and private sectors.

It is certain NHHA will continue to expand and build more Innovation and strategies in years to come with the addition of Dr. Chau and other charming executive teams.

Paul Leon further said “We are at the pivotal point of our healthcare system where we really need to address equity.

It is because of inequity that making healthcare costs an arm and leg, and we still don’t have great outcomes. People only get cared for when they are really sick, and by the time we bring them to healthcare, that’s a fixed cost.

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