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Getting a Stomach Ache From Drinking Water? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Water is one of the most essential resources available to us. There is no chance that any form of life could thrive without water. But sometimes things that we need the most hurt us too much. Similarly, drinking water can make your stomach hurt. The phenomenon is uncommon yet is experienced by many.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Drinking water has multiple benefits that need no introduction. Firstly, drinking water is important for our hydration. Without hydration, our organs and skin would go dry and hence will not function as smoothly as they do. Secondly, it regulates the body temperature. Our busy life takes us to various climates at various phases, which can sometimes be testing. It could also consume various energy levels; we need water in large quantities.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Often we see people avoiding water while they are eating. However, water should also be an essential part of your meal. Low water consumption can cause constipation and bloating as well. Additionally, the current world has us digesting microplastics and toxins of various kinds, without water our bodies would not be able to flush them out and that can lead to organ dysfunction.

Lastly, to have a stable Body Mass Index, you should drink water to aid digestion and avoid unwanted snacking. So without water, you could feel hungry all the time even when you are not. Obesity is the primary cause of many long-term diseases that would not be healthy for you or your mind.

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Why Does Drinking Water Make My Stomach Hurt?

Not drinking water can open a whole new can of worms but why does it hurt when you do?

1. Drinking Water Quickly- If you drink a large quantity of water in a single gulp, things could be overwhelming for your stomach. Though it does need water sipping on it is also your stomach needs. Sudden deinking can lead to the birth of sharp stinging pain in your abdomen.

2. Coldwater- Drinking cold water can not only your teeth but your body as well.If you have a sensitive stomach. Drinking cold water can lead to muscle spasms in the abdomen area which again radiates the pain to the whole area.

3. Gastrointestinal Conditions- If you are suffering from stomach aches, drinking even water could cause pain in the abdomen. This is especially seen in individuals whose diet and fluid capacity changes due to these conditions and even drinking water could be painful.

4. Impurities in Water- Ever since we were kids, we have been asked to boil water before drinking. But if you don’t follow this, then chances are your water might have impurities that could hurt your stomach eventually. In such cases always filter the water you drink and check it for dirt or any bacteria.

5. Overhydration- Dehydration is a known condition but did you know drinking too much water can cause overhydration in the body? This occurs because your body will start dissolving all the electrolytes stored in your body. It can also cause nausea where you could be vomiting water.

6. Drinking During Meals- If you drink water between meals, chances are your stomach will not be able to process it and thus cause it to hurt. Water often dilutes the acids and enzymes present in the body and the food doesn’t have enough power to digest itself.

7. Stress and Anxiety- Usually if you drink water when you are over-stressed or anxious, there is a chance your stomach starts to hurt immensely. When we are anxious our stomach produces a lot of stomach acids which means the water could react with the secretions.

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