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Tips And Tricks To Hide A Bloated Belly

Bloating is a common condition where the belly feels full, tight, or constricted. The reason for bloating is the distended belly that is filled with gas and pressure. Bloating can occur at any time of the day and is often uncomfortable to deal with. But there are ways to hide a bloated belly.

Causes of Bloating

The primary reason behind bloating would be gas buildup. Gas could enter our stomachs while we are eating, drinking or even breathing that moves through food pipes instead of windpipes. Other than this the bacteria in your gut can also produce gas during digestion. If you are in the habit of overeating you might want to control yourself. Eating a large quantity of food or briskly could have destructive results.

Causes of Bloating

Another reason could be the consumption of greasy food or dairy products. These foods require a lot of time to digest and therefore cause the gut microbe to produce a lot of gas and pressure.

Additionally, if you suffer from stomach conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, there are chances that your belly will remain bloated for a very long time. In conclusion, certain medications or changes in hormones can lead to bloating and there might not even be any concrete reason.

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How To Hide a Bloated Belly?

After we discover our bloated belly when we have to go out, we might need to take the following steps to hide it.

  1. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes- Since the bloating is concentrated around your belly do not wear dresses that highlight the tummy. Instead, go for loose or oversized clothes which cannot expose your belly in any case. You can also avoid belts, waistbands, or cinching around the waist to divert attention.
  2. Choose Dark Colors- This one comes directly from the stylists. Wearing a dark color could remove the focus from a single body part and you would be viewed as a whole. It can create a slimming effect and one with vertical lines could be even more ideal.
  3. Use Shapewear- If none of this is an option bring in the big guns. Go for a shapewear and then your tummy would be tucked leaving you free to wear whatever you want.
  4. Opt For A-line Clothes- A-line clothes are not about the shape but rather about the lower half. It starts to flare from the waist down which would be an ideal way to hide a bloated belly. The silhouette could be flattering and impressive in such cases.
  5. Layer Them- Another option is to layer your clothes. You could wear a short jacket or cardigan to hide the belly you are conscious of. This can also give you a more structured look.
  6. Wear Flattering Undergarments- Go for high-waisted panties instead of thongs or bikini bottoms. It acts similar to a shapewear.
  7. Mind Posture- Remember this, good posture can take you a long way. Don’t bend or lean forward. Try to walk straight with your back upright so that the belly doesn’t pop up.
  8. Avoid Eating Greasy Foods- When you are ready to go out avoid eating heavy food. Go for juices or light foods.
  9. Stay Hydrated- You could drink water but not too much which could aid in digestion and ultimately do away with the bulge.
  10. Home Remedies- In case you find yourself bloated you should go for ginger tea or peppermint tree that can free some gas buildup inside your stomach.
  11. Gentle Exercise- A bloated belly could also be affected by light exercise and you might try doing some if that is an option.

In anyway precaution is better than treatment so try and avoid foods that could lead to bloating.

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