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When To Consult A Doctor For Joint Pain: Symptoms And Impacts

Joint pain is often referred to as discomfort, soreness, and pain in the joints of the bones. Joints are found throughout your body including fingers, toes, hips, and knees. The most important causes of joint pain include arthritis injuries, accidents, sports injuries, infections, inflammation, Gout, and other medical conditions.

Symptoms of joint pain are dull ache, sharp pain, throbbing sensation, swelling, redness, warmth around the affected joint, stiffness in the joint, limited range of mobility, immobility, etc. The severity of joint pain varies from mild to severe and everyone may experience it at some point in their lives.

Today, in this article you will get to know when you should consult a doctor for joint pain and what are the treatment options.

Symptoms You Should Consult A Doctor

?Severe Pain: Severe and persistent pain is the most straightforward reason to consult a healthcare professional. If you are having severe pain and it does not improve even after taking good rest, having painkillers, and doing other home remedies such as pressing with ice packs, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Symptoms You Should Consult A Doctor
Symptoms That Indicate You Should See A Doctor For Joint Pain

?Swelling: If you’re having swelling or redness around the affected area, then it might be a sign of inflammation. Swelling and redness might be due to several conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, and infections. If you experience a warm feeling to the touch on the affected area and the area has become visibly swollen, then you should get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from a doctor.

?Immobility or Limited Range of Motion: If the joint pain restricts your movements and limits your range of motion, then it might be due to conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or due to the wear and tear that happens to the ligaments. This may affect the quality of your life and only a healthcare professional can identify and provide a proper treatment plan for this issue.

?Joint Deformities: If your joint appears distorted or out of alignment, this might be the sign to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from a healthcare professional. If left untreated, it might lead to joint deformities and early intervention and treatment might help to prevent joint damage. 

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Impact of Joint pain on a person’s quality of life

Joint pain can affect a person’s life in various ways and might restrict them from doing several daily activities. The extent of this impact in your daily life varies and depends on the severity of the pain you have. Here I have listed some of the ways that joint pain can affect your daily life:

  • If you are experiencing immobility and restrictions to move freely then it might affect your performance in doing daily activities. You might also experience difficulties in walking, climbing stairs, sitting, and standing. All these symptoms may make you less active throughout the day and lead to muscle weakness and weight gain. 
  • You might have to depend on other people to do simple daily activities such as getting dressed, cooking, eating, bathing, etc. This decreased independence can make you emotionally stressed and increase the need for assistance.
  • Joint pain and other accidents and injuries that have happened to your joints might affect your work and productivity. You cannot be able to do occupations that need physical labor, and other bodily activities.        

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Joint pain can occur due to several causes including minor strains and might be due to some serious medical conditions. So if you are having severe and persistent pain, then it is recommended to seek medical advice and appropriate medical care.

This helps to prevent further complications and early diagnosis and treatment plans might lead to better outcomes. So consult a healthcare professional as soon as possible to get expert guidance and treatment options that help to better your situation.   

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