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What Are The Various Kinds Of Joint Injuries? Exploring Common Joint Injuries

A joint injury occurs when damage is sustained by a joint where two or more bones come together in your body. Joints are responsible for movements and flexibility in the musculoskeletal system. So joint injuries can affect your mobility and quality of life as they might be debilitating and painful. Injuries can be caused due to accidents, wear and tear, and other sports-related activities.

These injuries might involve damage to your bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. There are different types of joint injuries and in this article, we will be discussing them in detail. So without any further ado, start reading.

Different Types Of Joint Injuries

Different Types Of Joint Injuries


Sprain is a type of joint injury that occurs when any damage happens to your ligaments. Ligaments are fibrous bands of tissue that interconnect one bone to another bone. They stabilize and support the joints and when they experience excessive external force, they become damaged. Most commonly sprains occur in the ankle, wrist, and knee due to the sudden forceful twisting, bending, or stretching of the joints. Here are some of the common causes of sprains:

  • Sprains can be caused due to sports injuries during activities like running, jumping, etc.
  • Accident falls such as tripping, slipping, and falling also result in sprained wrists and elbows.
  • Lifting heavy objects can cause sprains in your back or shoulders.

Sprains can vary and their severity depends on the accident that occurred and varies from mild to severe. Here are some of the common symptoms of sprains:     

  • Typically, the most common symptom for a sprained joint is severe pain and it depends on the severity of the damage caused to your ligament.
  • An injured joint or sprained joint might have swelling and this is caused due to inflammation.
  • Discoloration might happen around the area as the blood vessels might break down during injury.
  • You might experience difficulty in moving as in some severe cases your joint might become immobilized.

Some typical treatment methods for sprains are:

  • Give necessary rest for the joint and avoid putting excessive stress on the joint.
  • To reduce swelling and pain in the area, you can apply ice. Always protect your skin by wrapping the ice in a cloth or towel. 
  • To provide support for the injured joint, wrap the area using an elastic bandage.
  • To reduce swelling in the affected area, always keep your joint in an elevated position.


Strains occur when your muscles or tendons are stretched or torn. It leads to a range of symptoms according to its severity. There are two types of strains, muscle strains and tendon strains. Muscle strains often result from damage caused to muscles due to sudden movements or overexertion.

Tendon strains occur when the tendons that are attached to the bones are inflamed due to overuse and repetitive motions. Similar to sprains, treatment for strains includes applying ice packs, giving rest to the joint, compressing using an elastic bandage, and keeping the joint in an elevated position.


A dislocation occurs when the bones in a joint are forcefully pushed or pulled out from its location. It can be extremely painful and it mainly occurs in the shoulder, elbow, and finger joints. Most commonly, dislocation happens due to accidents and direct blows to the joints.

Dislocation or misalignment at the joint may cause noticeable deformity at the joint. It is associated with severe joint pain and the pain becomes severe if you try to move the dislocated joint.  


Joint injuries can affect one’s daily life and impact the overall quality of their life. There are various types of joint injuries and apart from the above-mentioned injuries, some others are fractures, osteoarthritis, cartilage injuries, Tendonitis, and Bursitis. Joint injuries can vary from mild to severe and it can significantly impact your daily life activities and immobility. If you experience severe pain in the affected area, consult a healthcare professional and get a treatment plan as soon as possible.     

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