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Unveiling The Common Signs and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

ADHD which means Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Starts as early as childhood and then migrates to adulthood. Early treatment can have a long way to go in improving the mental state of children diagnosed with this disorder as they grow into maturity. Parents, endeavour to observe behavioural changes in your child. Parents are a lamp to the roadway of children.

Parents or not, no knowledge is wasted! By reading this article, you can be sure to have a proper understanding of ADHD disorder and the means to treat and manage it in children and adults, also with profound signs to highlight them to you for easy detection.

Proper Understanding Of ADHD

As stated above ADHD means Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, it is a medical condition that starts from childhood. This disorder is very common among children.  Sometimes parents laugh over serious abnormal behaviours displayed by their children instead of it being checked, it becomes a joke when a child refuses to sit still, pay attention and act impulsively constantly.

Learn the difference between when a child cracks a bodily joke and when a code of conduct is breached! 

Understanding Of ADHD
Understanding Of ADHD In Children

Identify ADHD First Sign In Babies

As early as the baby stage, ADHD signs can be clear enough for observation and quick intervention. Babies display non-approval behaviours known as Tantrums and it continues up till the stage where they can speak up and express themselves. To know if it is just a mere tantrum or ADHD behaviour, your baby will constantly do the following;

  • Refusing to calm down 
  • Retaliating when provoked with constant long-lasting cries
  • Displaying tantrum that lasts more than 20 minutes and counts on.

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A Quick Action

Disorders call for immediate attention. So when babies or young children display early signs of ADHD, kindly contact a specialist such as a developmental Paediatrician, speech pathologist, psychologist or psychiatrist for evaluation to determine medications to follow.

Know The Signs Of ADHD In Children

When children display the following signs it means they have ADHD. Check them below:

  • Short attention: When a child gets distracted easily and pays no or little attention to something and in the next minute the child is back to being distracted.
  • Known for making careless mistakes:  When affected by ADHD, school
  • Not able to finish task: Any boring or time-consuming task, they don’t always complete such tasks.
  • Having an Ignoring attitude: Always doing as they never you talk nor do what you request.
  • Changing tasks constantly.
  • Not being able to organize tasks appropriately.
  • Not having a waiting attitude
  • They can not comport their movements. 
  • They talk too much.
  • They act without thinking.
  • They do not seek permission

When a child displays all these signs, it can have great negative impacts on that child and low academic performance.

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Signs Of ADHD In Adults

Knowing the signs of ADHD in adults is a bit more difficult. There has not been a deep research on these, just a few shallow conducted researches.

ADHD is believed not to commence or develop during adulthood without first being detected in children. The this disorder affect children varies from the way it affects adult. In adults, hyperactivity tends to decrease while attentiveness troubles adults.

Few specialists have suggested the following to be signs of ADHD in adults:

  • Involving in risky things that can lead to personal fatal consequences and also others.
  • They are very impatient.
  • They cannot deal with stress.
  • Always have mood swings and a quick temper.
  • Interrupting people’s conversation.
  • They are not patient enough to wait their turn in a public discussion.
  • Always forgetting minimal things.
  • They have very poor organizational skills.
  • Always start a new task before completing the initial one.
  • They often lack focus.


ADHD is a challenging condition, parents should strive to help children combat this by not letting them grow with the disorder till adulthood. Treatment is usually arranged by a specialist paediatrician or psychiatrist and monitored by a GP.

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