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Abdominal Pain After Lithotripsy – Everything You Should Know!

Abdominal Pain After Lithotripsy Explained!

A non-surgical method of treating kidney or ureter (the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder) stones using high-intensity shock waves is described by Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL). Stones are reduced to “stone dust,” or tiny enough pieces to flow through the urine. If significant parts are still present, another procedure might be used. Lithotripsy … Read more

Can Constipation Cause Chest Pain On The Left Side? What’s The Connection?

Can Constipation Cause Chest Pain On The Left Side

Constipation is the opposite of diarrhea. This means your bowel movements are quite infrequent which can be quite distressful. Apart from the difficulty of passing stools, the affected also passes dry and hard stools. Though it often arises as a temporary problem, aged people experience it permanently. So can it cause chest pain on the … Read more

Tips And Tricks To Hide A Bloated Belly

How To Hide A Bloated Belly Tips

Bloating is a common condition where the belly feels full, tight, or constricted. The reason for bloating is the distended belly that is filled with gas and pressure. Bloating can occur at any time of the day and is often uncomfortable to deal with. But there are ways to hide a bloated belly. Causes of … Read more

Strategies For Gastrointestinal Disorder Prevention- Everything To Know!

Avoiding Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal disorders also known as digestive issues could include a wide range of ailments that often affect our digestive system. Contrary to popular belief, the stomach and its parts are very sensitive and therefore require ultra care. However it is susceptible to diseases, and there are ways to prevent the illnesses. Types Of Gastrointestinal Disorders … Read more

Digestive Problems Associated With Eating Disorders

Digestive Problems Linked To Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can impact every facet of a person’s life. Beyond the emotional and psychological consequences, the physiological effects can be disastrous. People with eating disorders frequently experience digestive problems. Effects Of Eating Disorder The effects of disordered eating might vary widely in terms of digestive issues. These consist of Heartburn, Acid regurgitation, Nausea, Diarrhea, … Read more